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Since 2013, Unified Tech Inc has completed preventative and reactive maintenance on several HUB and Headend sites across different site portfolios. Typical works include Site Decommissioning, foundation repair, roof repair and replacement, pressure washing and painting of commercial structures as well as Generators and HVAC maintenance and repair. We also provide a rapid response to real time roof leaking repairs.

Roof Repair

Unified Tech Inc undertakes works to allow HUB Sites that are approaching the end of their original design life expectancy to continue to be used where the original roof has failed and was suffering water ingress. Minor roof damage can be repaired and resealed with properly applied waterproofing paint, however for major damage where the roof structure is unsound and unrepairable we have designed and fabricated a roof over solution that site above the existing roof.

Foundation Repair

Our foundation repair systems are designed to not only stabilize your foundation walls and thus repair the problem at hand, but also to bring your walls back to their original positions. Regardless of why you’re experiencing a foundation problem in your home, Unified Tech Inc conducts a thorough inspection of your Site, and we’ll let you know exactly what steps in foundation repair need to be taken to permanently stabilize your foundation — restoring value to building structure.

 Painting and Pressure Washing Services

Unified Tech Inc provides commercial painting and pressure washing services within the Southeast area. We’ve established great relationships with customers and partners, as being a reputable company that believes in superior workmanship and service. Big or small, we get it done right the first time, or the job is not complete.

 Telecom Decommissioning

Unified Tech Inc has proven experience in the safe and effective decommissioning, dismantling and removal of telecom hardware across all business sectors. Projects are planned after a thorough on-site analysis and we work with you to identify the most suitable method of recovery to minimize any disruption to on-going business operations and maximize the value of return. No Job is too big or too small, we also perform Cable Mining of Coax,

 CAT and Power Cable Removal.

Unified Tech Inc facilities and processing plant (working in conjunction with our operational partners) provide hand disassembly for all telecom material combined with specialist machinery to maximize separation in the first stage of the recycling process. Separation of circuit boards, radios, batteries, cable, plastic and precious metals (aluminum, copper, nickel, silver, gold) deliver higher returns, less contamination and more sustainable recycled material.

Our specialist telecom recycling processes recapture maximum value from multi-vendor equipment across all areas of a telecommunications network (Customer Premises Equipment, Central Office Switching, Transmission, Access, Data and Mobile equipment down to the surplus Copper cable in the ground).
All materials are processed providing a regulated and audited trail. Our full compliance with all relevant recycling legislation ensures that our customer’s equipment will never be processed unethically or outside the USA providing brand protection and supporting sustainability policies within a wide corporate social responsibility strategy.


Unified Tech Inc offer sales, installation, repair and maintenance services for commercial heating and air conditioning systems. Our technicians service all brands of commercial heating and air conditioning systems.